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Monthly Schedule

MAY 2024

Types of Play:


Social Play

Social Play is a friendly type of play where everyone is welcome. We use a paddle holder to rotate through participants, so you always get to play with someone new. In this format, game winners place their paddles in one rack and losers in a different rack. As players come off the courts, we rotate between winners and losers for the next available court. Its a great way to meet new players.


Super Senior's Play

Super Senior's Play uses the "Luck of the Draw format (see above). Any FPC members, aged 70 and over who have paid their court fees, are eligible to play. With 3 courts, a maximum of 18 members can sign up. A waitlist will be created.

Note: During February, while many members are away, the age category has been reduced to 68 and above. But this is subject to change.

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Rated Play

Rated play is when players of the same skill level have a selected time to play together. The FPC calendar indicates a skill range Ex: 3.5 - 3.99 or maybe 2.0 - 2.99.  Players within those ranges would play together at an assigned location, usually using the whiteboard. FPC members who have paid court fees, can attend Rated Play.



Luck of the Draw

This is a new style of play where members register using the Play Time Scheduler app. We have two categories in "Luck of the Draw" - Women's Play and Super Senior's Play. With this format, everyone plays against everyone else in a timed 10 minutes game. After 10 minutes, the app assigns you a new partner and you play another 10 minute game. This is a fun way to meet new players.



Designated Play

During Designated Play, we use the Whiteboard grid to determine who plays with who, in an attempt to allow similarly rated/skilled players to play together. Players write their names on the whiteboard under a number representing their pickleball rating. Similarly rated players will add their names until there is a group of four players. Once a group has four players, they go out to play on the courts as others come off - based on who is "next up." FPC members who have paid court fees, regardless of their rating, can attend Designated Play.



Weekly Drills

Each week, practice sessions are scheduled for at least an hour for the different rated levels for players to try to improve their skills. These sessions proceed playing times and are divided scheduled based on ratings. FPC members who have paid their court fees, can attend drill sessions.



Women's Play

Women's Play uses the "Luck of the Draw format (see above). All women FPC members that have paid their court fees are eligible to sign up. This is a fun, social type of play, often accompanied by music and lots of laughs. With 3 courts, a maximum of 24 members can sign up. A waitlist will be created.

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Ladder Competitions

Ladders are mini tournaments or competitions within the Fredericton Pickleball Club. Participants sign up for the ladders using the Pickleball Brackets app and compete against other members of similar ratings or level. Any combination of gender plays together. These mini tournaments are for players who like fun competition and would like to try to improve their club rating and rankings. FPC members who have paid court fees, can participate in Ladder competitions, based on their club rating  .

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Play Time Scheduler

Click HERE to read the Play Time Scheduler FPC rules.


Click HERE to learn how to join a ladder.

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Quick Links:

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Pickleball is a great way to stay active, have fun, and meet new people. Come see for yourself why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world.

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